The Baywatch Beauty

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Most people who came of age in the 90s remember the show “Baywatch”. The vision that probably pops into most people’s minds are the lifeguards in the red bathing suits running along the beach in slow motion. Pamela Anderson was one of the most popular characters on the show “Baywatch”, from 1992 until 1997. Pamela Anderson’s image is synonymous with the show.

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada, and was the daughter of working class parents. She graduated in 1985 and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to become a fitness instructor. In a turn of luck, Pamela was discovered on a jumbotron at a B.C Lions Football game wearing a Labatt’s beer T-shirt, and so she briefly became the beer company’s spokesmodel. After this event, Pamela went on to pose in Playboy magazine and decided to have plastic surgery to enhance her bust line several times.

In 1992, Pamela got the role as C.J. Parker on “Baywatch”. The show was mainly about a group of lifeguards working on the beaches of Malibu in Los Angeles County and their subsequent social lives. Pamela fit right in with her blonde hair and fit body. Her character in the show was described as a kindhearted person, with a penchant for upholding the law and always treating others well. Her role was also that of a hopeless romantic, although her character was still portrayed as a competent and sensible lifeguard. There has been much fodder over the actual importance of her character on the show, as many people believe it was her looks alone that made her character so popular.

In fact, Pamela Anderson and her role on Baywatch likely came about because she related to the character, who, just like her, had an interest in anything new age, such as crystals, dream interpretation and meditation. Pamela’s character was also very athletic, and had a passion for sports and the outdoors. There is no doubt that the role on Baywatch was what catapulted Anderson to international fame, as well as the show.

Pamela Anderson’s television success with Baywatch definitely kept her in the limelight, as well as her appearances in Playboy magazine. Pamela has appeared on the covers of Playboy more than any other model, and her relationship with the magazine spans twenty years. Pamela’s luck ran out when she tried to translate her success to the big screen. She had several flops in the theaters such as, “Barb Wire”. She did hit more television success with a new series in 1998 called “VIP” which ran for about four years. On the show, which was an action/comedy, Pamela was able to engage in some humor, mocking her image as the blonde bombshell. Pamela has also appeared on hit shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “The Nanny”.

Notably, in 1999, Pamela had her breast implants surgically removed. This was a notable event due to the fact that her implants had played a role in her image, fame, and popularity. The Baywatch image of Pamela Anderson in a red bathing suit will forever be ingrained in pop culture.



Pamela Anderson’s Boyfriends

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We all know that just a little bit of reading about celebrities’ lives cannot hurt. Millions of people constantly follow their relationships. Here we have the guys who dated Pamela Anderson, and some additional info about each of them. P. S. Don’t get jealous, please!


Pamela dated Bret Michaels during early 1990s. This couple had certain problems about a sex tape that appeared, and despite of their efforts to block it, it’s still on the Internet. Bret is an American song writer, a musician, a producer and a reality star. He became famous as the lead vocalist of the glam metal band Poison. With Charlie Sheen he established film production company, so he became successful in that field too.



In 1998 she started dating an American professional surfer Kelly Slater. He has won ASP World Championship Tour eleven times! Wow! In the 1990s he played the recurring character in the popular TV show Baywatch, and that is how they met. In 2000, the couple broke up.




Marcus is a Swedish model, best known for Calvin Klein advertisements, but he also worked for Versace, Donna Karan and many other brands. Pamela worked with him on Iceberg AD campaign. Their relationship lasted about a year (2000-2001); when they broke up she said that she wanted something different.



Relationship with Kid Rock (Robert J. Richie) lasted for several years, and they even got married, but later they split up after all. Kid Rock is his stage name, he is an American rapper and hip hop performer. He’s had some legal troubles, but he also included political themes in his songs (sometimes his songs were used in campaigns).



This was not a long term relationship, that’s for sure. Fred is the frontman of the band Limp Bizkit, and he also worked in the field of film directing in independent films. The couple was spotted on several dates in 2003. Sounds like Pam is into musicians…



What happens in Las Vegas – stays in Las Vegas, or does it? After a party there, the newspapers were on fire because of this couple in 2007! This time, we’re talking about an American magician and illusionist, Criss Angel, who is known for several shows (like Criss Angel Mindfreak, etc). In 2008 his relationship with Pamela lasted for a couple of months.



While she was living in Malibu, she started dating an electrician Jamie Padgett. They met at a trailer park, where she spent her time while her house was being renovated. This relationship lasted a little less than a year (2009).


A sportsman! He is an American football long snapper who played for 18 seasons in the National Football League. He attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he played as a long snapper. Dated Pam in 2008.



An American pair skater, TV personality and a model, he has also appeared on the British television show Dancing on Ice where his partner was Miss Anderson. This romance happened in 2013, and it was a secret at first. But later, they decided to go public.


According to the news, Pamela is currently single. But who knows? Maybe we will hear about a new affair soon – tabloids certainly will, and then we’ll know too.

Top 5 Pamela Anderson’s Scandals

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Pamela Anderson jumped into fame in 1992 when she was hired to play C.J. Parker in Baywatch. This role turned her into the hottest girl on television and through the years she captivated audiences around the world in that red bathing suit.

Now she’s a vegetarian dedicated to her foundation and is an active PETA member. But no matter what the sexy bombshell does, scandal seems to follow her around. Let’s remember some of her most commented scandals.

Top 5 Pamela Anderson’s Scandals

Turbulent Marriage With Tommy Lee
In 1995 only after four days of meeting Motley Crew’s drummer, the sexy Canaidan became Mrs. Pamela Lee Anderson. This, of course, shocked the media all over the world, but their constant fights and Tommy’s jealousy were what kept this sexy couple in the tabloids for years. It wasn’t until 1998 that she sued her husband for abuse and filed for divorce one day later. Tommy was sentenced to six months in jail and had to attend anger management therapy.

Sex Tapes
A tape in which she appears having sex with Tommy Lee in their honeymoon was stolen from their home and heated up the internet that year. She sued the company that was distributing the video, and the Lee’s won 1.5 million dollars after the legal battle.

Then some years later another sex tape featuring the sexy blonde surfaced, but this time it was Poison’s lead singer Brett Michaels the one sharing the spotlight with her. She sued again, but this time she wasn’t so lucky.

Banned PETA Campaigns
In 2010, Montreal Canada banned a PETA ad in where Anderson appears wearing a bikini and her entire body is covered in tattoos resembling cattle marks. Canadian authorities claimed the ad was sexist, and there was nothing the organization could do to change their minds.

But, her campaigns with PETA have caused a lot of controversy over the years. In 2011, Hong Kong airport banned the commercial titled “Cruelty Doesn’t Fly” in which she’s dressed as a security guard and removes all kinds of animal skins from people. This time the claim was the video was too explicit and that it could offend visitors.

Tough Confessions
In 2002, four years after her divorce she declared to the media that she suffered from Hepatitis C and blamed her ex Tommy Lee for giving her the disease. He denied this, of course, and a year later she said they were still having sex frequently.

The blonde babe seems inclined to public confessions. In 2014 in an event at Cannes Film Festival she revealed she was molested when she was a little girl and also that she was gang-raped by her boyfriend and six of his friends in her teen years.

Email-Divorce Scandal
Her most recent scandal involves her last ex-husband Rick Salomon and the infamous email she sent explaining she was filing for divorce because she was bored, frustrated and that they were sexually incompatible. Things didn’t end well between those two because she went to court to get a restraining order against him.

Well, these are just some of the scandals the sexy blonde has been involved in, but let’s hope they’re not the last!

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